View Full Version : Getting The 3 Diamonds

12-04-14, 10:53 AM
I am only a hair away from getting the 3rd Diamond. I've spun at least 100 times and the bar doesn't fill in anymore. How many spins does it take to get the last diamond? Seems forever.

06-27-16, 03:26 PM
(Going to bump this in case anyone is browsing through)

You may notice that higher-leveled slots require a lot more action to fill up the mastery bar. If you're on, say, a slot machine in the high 20s and only playing at $1.00 bet, it might take hundreds of spins to get a sliver of the bar to appear. You will get it eventually; but it just might take a while. The best thing to do, if it's really bothering you, is bump up to a higher denomination for a few spins and see if that works - of course, don't go so high that you lose your entire bankroll and have to rebuild from scratch.