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12-02-14, 05:06 PM
Hi Kooky Panda, TL or TeamLava employee can someone check my breeding tree. I just get Lightning Leopard and no Citrine Peregrin, breeding since Friday with Lightning Leopard / Crystal Unicorn

12-03-14, 12:56 PM
Hello TeamLava please help me! I only get 8 hrs. And since Friday the 28.November.2014. I not get Citrine Peregrin, there is something wrong.

[S8] Elsa
12-03-14, 01:37 PM
The Citrine Peregrin is an Electric/Crystal hybrid with a rarity of Ultra Rare. You may see a Lightning Leopard because Lightning Leopard is a Common rarity Lightning animal. As with any Ultra Rare, it will be challenging to get due to the rarity of the animal.

12-03-14, 03:54 PM
Hello Elsa, I know the Lightning Leopard is common. I'm have 100x speed up breeding and get 8 hours, 8 hours not 45 hours. So I think made a mistake in breeding tree.

12-03-14, 09:37 PM
When you breed unicorn with leopard
There two possible outcomes
One (8) hours --- leopard
Second (45) hours --- citrine

And you might see a lot of lepard a lot of them before you could see a single citrine
Hope that clrfies things to you

12-23-14, 12:29 PM
If you've only been breeding since Friday, buckle up your seatbelt because you're in for a long ride! It took me months - and hundreds of attempts - to breed my emerald dragon.