View Full Version : Please Make Matching Tables & Chairs Similar in Currency Type!

12-02-14, 02:03 AM
Hey all,

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! ;)

I'm a level 37 player and I love the designs of the tables and chairs in Bakery Story. However, I notice that many of the matching tables and chairs are different in price currency type. For example, there's the Fairy-themed table and chair which I like: the chair costs $16,000, but the table - ouch - costs 5 gems. :( As such, players that do not want to spend gems have to use another chair or table, and it doesn't look as nice.

Why does TL price them differently? Please TL, how about making matching chairs and tables the same currency type? Really wish more of them were priced in coins so we can have the set.