View Full Version : Did you see the crystal unicorn deal ???

12-01-14, 05:52 AM
Or am I loosing my mind?

12-01-14, 05:56 AM
16937here is a pic

12-01-14, 06:12 AM
this is exciting....I just might do this....have to wait 9 hours for a planther fail to clear out so that gives me 9 hours to decide...it's really tempting....I wish it was a little less...$10 or $15.....$20 is alot of money. well, I have 9 hours to decide!

12-01-14, 07:45 AM
Yah..mi agree..nbut I've been thinking.. How many gems would I waste trying to get it otherwise.. So.. I might .. See...

12-01-14, 08:24 AM
Oh man! I so want to buy this! I wish it was just a little cheaper though. My hubby and I spent so much this past weekend on things for son for Christmas I'm not sure I have 20 to spend on a Monday! Sadly I think I will end up missing out on this but I'm glad they are offering the unicorn to buy! Hopefully they do this again in the future. I can buy it for myself for Christmas.