View Full Version : Permenat sparkle area

11-30-14, 02:36 PM
There is a permanat sparkle area in Che upper left corner
Which makes it very annoying to keep a habit over there as it always show coin collecting icon
I was avoiding this area up till now as I need the space

I hope this gets resolved in future updates

[S8] Elsa
12-01-14, 01:02 PM
Can you please let us know which habitat you're experiencing the permanent sparkles on? Thanks!

12-03-14, 12:32 PM
It's not a specific habit

Its any habit that is placed over the spot have sparkles on it

I used to keep the evolution building for some time there

Also if I kept a tree in the same spot it would show icon indicating it's done or something like that

I'm gonna keep my purple habit over the spot (just below the Halloween habit ) in the green island and u can check my game if possible to see that when I collect the coins , the icon re appear to collect coins ( as if someone tipped me ) again and again again
Then the game close taking away the extra money that was not earned or tipped away

12-04-14, 09:51 AM
I have this too. Lower left corner of tree island, second ocean owl habitat to the right. Even decor gets sparkles when placed in the spot

12-16-14, 12:40 AM
I just wanted to know if there is any updates
Is it something I would expect it to be resolved in future updates
Or a glitch that can't be fixed
Thanx for your help

12-16-14, 07:21 AM
I have a permanent sparkle spot too, only one square, any decoration or habitat I put there gets sparkles and a collection check mark.