View Full Version : MY GIFTS ARE GONE FROM tinkerbell12898 (muffins 'n more)

11-29-14, 06:49 PM
I recently inserted a new sd card into my phone then went up north and had no Wi-Fi so did not look at my Bakery Story game for several days. Upon return I went to retrieve Gifts and I have access to only six and they are useless bunny ears, dragon parts etc. Wh?re are my 100s of gifts? Screws, motors, knobs, fuses, and food gifts I have been given and not used?
I just collected a huge variety of gifts from my 20 last night and they are not appearing in my Gifts! PLEASE HELP ASAP!!

12-01-14, 11:48 AM
We've taken a look at your account and it seems like you have all of your gifts. Could you double check your Gifts again? Please let us know!