View Full Version : Answered Black Friday Sales Problem

11-28-14, 04:38 PM
None of the black Friday sales except for gems are showing in my game. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Still nothing. Help please.

[S8] Walt
11-28-14, 04:47 PM
Can you tell me what prices are listed for the Habitats that are being sold for Gold?

I've checked both the Android and iOS versions of the game and the prices listed in the Android version are showing the sale price but they are just not showing the "sale" banner.

11-28-14, 05:30 PM
Thanks for your help Walt. You may have just answered my confusion. User error on my part since the banners don't show. I thought premium meant all but the basic habitats. As to what I am seeing with habitat prices
harvest 200
fire flower 60
raging rocks 150
glorious grove 150
forever glades 60
palatial 150
grand gardens 150
luxurious 150
rainbow skyscape 150
candy castle 60
shaded 60
mt olypus 150

[S8] Walt
11-28-14, 05:33 PM
Those are the correct sale prices, sorry about the confusion!

Thanks for reporting this! :D I'll make sure this information gets passed along.

11-28-14, 07:36 PM
Thank you so much for clearingup my confusion.