View Full Version : Option for selling ALL items previously purchased

11-28-14, 02:32 PM
Hello. Can you make an option to sell every item stored in the design box?? I have some wallpapers I do not want to put up anymore and the only way to make them useful is to sell them, too bad I can't. Now I won't be able to get even a little portion of what I spent them for. I hope this can be added in the next update. Thank you.

11-28-14, 05:37 PM
Yea I always thought this was weird, but you don't get hardly any coins back from what you paid for them anyway, like hundreds if you're lucky even if they cost you thousands. And if the wallpaper cost you gems, forget it. Maybe they'll add the option to sell them someday though.

11-28-14, 10:03 PM
Well I hope so too. And I hope that they come up with the fix action REAL soon because we are not the only ones having issues about that.