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11-28-14, 01:00 PM
Hi, I currently play bakery story and previously I have purchased a good amount of gems but this game often have unexpected pop ups and sometimes my gems would go to waste because of this problem. I just purchased a lot of gems from this black friday 40% off and I don't want all my gems to go into waste for nothing.

For example: I was organizing my bakery and ovens and the pop up "Finish making this dish instantly for this amount of gem" pop up and at times you just click it without knowing because the pop up was expected. It'd be great if there's a verification pop up that follow saying "are you sure you want to use this amount of gem to finish this dish instantly- yes or no". I've wasted many gems which I purchased because of this problem and I don't want to keep wasting my gems for nothing. I want to be able to have gems for when I want to purchase the items I want (new release items, etc). I don't know if this is happening to anyone else but it's quite frustrating, especially for someone who has to play on an iphone 4s/ipod touch (the screens are smaller)

11-28-14, 02:40 PM
Just tap slowly, a few taps at a time, and you can avoid it almost all the time. I slowed down considerably after the first time it happened to me a few years ago & haven't lost any since then. This has been requested constantly over the several years, since day one pretty much, and nothing's changed. So don't hold your breath...lol

12-01-14, 05:03 PM
Sorry to hear that kikoman. Please contact support@teamlava.com regarding your Gem Exchange. Hope this helps!