View Full Version : Feedback about 2 Games Pethsop Story and other 2 Lava Games.

11-26-14, 05:11 PM
This has to be said because this is not acceptable and unfair.
I was working hard for earning 18 Gems to breed my Dogs.
2 Hours waiting time, for an breed thast costy 18 GEMS, seriously we dont have the time to check in to that game every hour.
I was loading my battery for my handy, and logged in 2 Hours later to pick up my newborn Pet.
And Guess what i had to pay 5 Gems just to heal because it became sick.
This is kind of unfair and not normal anymore and somewhat greedy.

Also its funny some dishes you cook in bakery story for an hour you can let than stay on the ofen for 2-3 hours they wont start rotting.
But 30-45 Minutes just one minute to late: its spoiled and rotten.
I dont think that is a coincidence, more a method to get Users to use gems on it.
And nope it isnt really fair not at all.