View Full Version : Decrease breeding time for first few hybrids.

11-25-14, 05:08 PM
I started playing FFS maybe a week ago. It's not my first 'breeding/island' game by far, nor will it be the last. It's drawn me to it mostly because of its cool art style (which is like 95% of what distinguishes these games from each other).

That said... it's very newbie-unfriendly. What I mean to say is, you're told to build a habitat, buy a nature egg (or whichever it is, fire or nature, I forget), etc etc. Then the first thing they make you breed takes 8 hours to breed and I believe another 8 to incubate. WHAT?? In most games like these, they throw you a bone and make the first hybrid or two take more like 5m to an hour. I literally played the game for 5 minutes before it was telling me to come back in eight hours. Eight! There's a reason most games start off with quick times and then ramp up -- because people are far more likely to just go "8 hours? screw this, delete" than they are to stick with the app. Whereas if you get more invested in a game, you're more likely to come back and see what it has to offer.

What's extra confusing is I was digging around and I think I saw a page that mentioned these times HAD been short and had been increased in some update. I'd highly urge them to rethink this because it was NOT a fun way to start off the game and the only reason I stuck with it is because I was curious to see more of it. Not everyone will be as forgiving.

edit: I realize perhaps really short breed times may not seem ideal to TL given that this game has a LOT of hybrids within any two elements. However, in that case, you could rig the game to give you the first, say, two hybrids with a much shorter time period to get people interested, and then actually release them into the wild world of breeding.