View Full Version : Valentine City?

Margaret Hurray
02-01-11, 03:51 AM
So what is this Valentine City? I downloaded it, thinking it might be a whole new city-based game, which I would need to start from scratch, but it seems to be en exact replica of my main city.

So who knows anything about it? For example, if I make changes in, say, the main city, are those changes reflected in the valentine city? Are they two separate entities or just the same city in two different games, as it were?

Confused. Would appreciate all sensible, non-abusive answers, thanks!

02-01-11, 05:55 AM
Valentine Edition of City Story is simply another WASTED effort by TeamLava to convince loyal users that they are actually Up-dating their existing games. Farm Story was the first game to receive this treatment, and the reason I finally DROPPED Farm Story, simply a cutesy overlay On-Top of the original game, with meaningless challenges (like planting strawberries 50 times (since they only take 1 minute to grow, they tie you to their game for an hour or more doing mindless garbage!!!!) This is NOT what long-time players have been asking for, like actually fulfilling their PROMISE to UPDATE with new buildings EVERY WEEK!!!! You can continue using the original OR play the cutesy version, they BOTH update the SAME CITY!!!!!

02-04-11, 04:20 AM
I agree with you Wareham , a total waste of time they shoulld spen better use of their time creating new buildings etc, but we're wasting our breath as you know, however I did download it to get the free city cash as I am doing with all their other games to get the city cash, then deleting them, works for me!!

02-04-11, 04:57 PM
Just for information. I completed all the challenges in the Valentine City Story app today.

Nothing happens.

You don't get anything extra for completing all the challenges.

In fact, it's mostly a scam as you have to re-buy certain items, such as the Auto Repair place which is 400,000 coins.

Don't waste your time. Stick with the normal game.