View Full Version : Special habitats?

11-23-14, 05:09 PM
I really enjoyed the Halloween event and the awesome, creative creatures we got from it. What made it perfect for me was that we got the special "haunted hollow" habitat to put them in. Between the habitat, the animals, and the decorations, I have a little corner of my forest that is Halloween all year round!

Now I'm loving the new autumn animals we're getting (as difficult as they are to breed). I adore fall colors in any case, and I think the artwork for them is particularly well-done. I noticed that in Dragon Story (which I've only been playing for a short time) there is an offer for a special "Harvest Homestead" habitat that can hold the new harvest-themed dragons in that game, so I'm wondering: will there be anything similar here? It would be great to have a special habitat to show off our fall critters!

11-23-14, 08:34 PM
As long as they don't cost gems, I'd be TOTALLY into the idea - I love the idea of it having autumn leaves all year round.

11-23-14, 09:40 PM
Agreed--I should have noted the one in Dragon Story costs gold (the equivalent of gems). I do like looking at my experienced neighbors' HUGE islands in DS and seeing all the unique habitats in addition to the basic ones. It entices me to look more carefully and spend more time in the game.

I'd love to have that kind of variety in the habitats here in FFS as the game grows. But I will NOT spend gems on it (unless it's a very small amount).