View Full Version : 3 Strong Hits Should Kill An Opponent (Tourneys & Battlegrounds)

11-18-14, 04:51 PM
I dont understand why 3 strong hits does not = a win.

What is the point of strong, weak and neutral hits when none of it means [] if u don't get a critical hit?

12-04-14, 03:34 PM
Amen 1000x!!!

Just not well thought out at all. It's as if it tops at 33% health each hit instead of 34% - which would make all the difference.

12-08-14, 11:04 PM
I dont understand why 3 strong hits does not = a win.

What is the point of strong, weak and neutral hits when none of it means [] if u don't get a critical hit?

I totally agree with this what is the point of type advantage if you still have to attack the same number of times also he type advantage is all messed up my lvl15 dark fire type continuously lost to a lvl10 dark grass type how is it that the opposing with a clear type disadvantage to me is able to wipe me out in. 3 hits over and over again when I am dealing nothing but strong hits. It's frustrating to the point of quiting what is the point if I take my time to learn type advantage if it really doesn't work. Please fix this team lava I enjoy this game but this error takes the enjoyment away.

12-19-14, 07:52 PM
This, this, THIS. So tired of having to rely on a critical hit. And especially on double-weakness ones (like dark/fire, fire/lightning, nature/earth). There is no good reason to make 3 strong hits fail to KO an enemy animal.

Frankly it feels more like a cheap ploy to force you to battle endlessly or else pay up to use ultimate attack, and that goes double for when it's time-sensitive tournaments. Battlegrounds you can retry endlessly but tournaments, where the ultimate attack is a pricey 30 gems per go (and that's not a coincidence), due to their limited nature, make this issue all the more frustrating.

Also, in Battlegrounds it seemed like sometimes a type disadvantage (like if you were fighting a Lighting Leopard with, say, an Ancient Sloth) caused your opponent's moves to have less of an impact, requiring them to hit you 5x instead of 3x, helped bolster the idea of carefully selecting the right type for each battle once you knew what you were up against. Not so in tournaments - even in direct disadvantage, the enemy will KO yours in 3 hits no matter what.

Like, I understand that gem sales are what allows TL to continue to develop the game but this issue in particular just feels cheap and unfair. I feel like we end up having to pay our way through the last few levels of tournaments. Yes, it's less than outright buying the tournament animal, but still. Reward us for striving to breed super/ultra rare combos and using them wisely, instead of forcing us to either pay up for Ultimate Attacks or keep grinding in hopes of a critical hit.

01-03-15, 04:51 PM
If you insist on keeping the big disadvantages in the tournaments, it would only be fair to STOP THE TIME LIMIT AND LET US WIN!
I will not be playing anymore stupid tournaments with time limits again. You know just a tip; people don't like to LOOSE! It sucks!
You can keep your tournaments and I'll keep my cash for my other games, where I don't loose.

01-05-15, 02:06 PM
I do not like it that the tournaments on DS are not really fair enough but it is more annoying that FFS is getting on my nerves with that! Look I have a super rare 15 level pet which could have the 60-80% chance against Lv1 Noob enemies but my pets are beaten up!
This should be changed !Or do anyone knows which animal is the best for battles?
On DS you have champions and ultra rare or event dragons but here is no official List existing.
( Maybe the water fire Elephant is the best or emerald dragon?But I have none)