View Full Version : This is what Team Lava calls an update?

Hawk 8
01-31-11, 04:51 PM
No new expansions, no new levels, no new crops (different colored roses are not crops), no new decorations, no new gifts, I didnt check but Im betting there are no new animals either. Thank you Team Lava

01-31-11, 10:32 PM
Really amazing how deaf Teamlava seems to be.
Listening to the users is also in their interest.
They don't realise that a proper update will pay off in the end.
More people will keep on playing and might even be temped
to buy some gems. This company really sucks.

02-01-11, 10:31 AM
Not even a Valentine?s Day item!!!! I was so excited about upcoming update and now I am very disappointed...

I can't believe they haven't listened to any feedback from their customers - actually I can believe that they haven't listened to any feedback. Even replies from customer service are taking multiple weeks. I just got a reply to my question from 12/7/10.

The customer service is going downhill and development for Farm Story is non-existent.

I've been playing this game since August and they only thing that keeps me still in the game are my wonderful neighbors who've become my friends!!!

Team Lava: it's time to listen to your customers and provide promised weekly updates (or at least monthly MEANIGFUL updates) and not just a buggy farm with flower border around it.

02-02-11, 09:42 PM
Everybody who thinks Team Lava raise their hand ....

Everybody who thinks they will even bother to respond to this throad (or any other with a complaint, problem or suggestion) raise their hand ...

Just as I thought ... none.

This company is worthless