View Full Version : Level 483: Adjacent Diamonds

11-14-14, 04:51 PM
In Level 483 (a real monster) I managed to get two diamonds next to each other, so of course I thought that when I swiped them together all the fires would all be extinguished and it would be game over. Gramps put in an appearance, and a lot of noise was made, but not even one fire was extinguished!!!

What is supposed to happen under this circumstance?

This level also has a common problem that should be addressed ASAP: when a doom jewel is in a portal it is extremely difficult to see the number in it.

11-17-14, 12:07 PM
Sorry to hear that, but two Magic Diamonds will not extinguish all of the fires from your game. When a Doom Jewel is on top of a portal, you can tap it to highlight it and you will be able to clearly see the amount of turns left on the Jewel. Hope this helps!