View Full Version : skunkupine starvation

11-13-14, 04:18 AM
I have to find 20 skunkupines for the friendly quest. I have tried everything to make them appear, grown and down crops, planted and chopped down trees and even waste energy. All I get is Fangbeast or troll. Please can you advise?

11-13-14, 04:28 AM
Plant corn, wheat, sugar cane. Tend flowers and chop trees. It sounds like your doing the right things, it took me a while to accomplish that task too!

11-13-14, 06:05 AM
Chopping trees tend to attract tract more Fangbeast, the best is to plant corn. Quick grows and attracts skunkupines quite well.

11-13-14, 06:31 AM
As I fondly recall from the Halloween event...