View Full Version : Help? Unexpected changes in my restaurant

11-13-14, 12:28 AM
Yesterday I was playing as usual when I noticed 2 things:
- pantry capacity and shopping cart capacity for all ( grocers, butcher, and veggie was reduced to 3. even street market only has just 2 choices now. I used to be able to buy 3 at a time and suddenly, saw them reduced to 3. Do I have to manually upgrade all over again??

- buying time for most ingredients takes way longer now. Used to buy flour for 5 (?) mins now it takes 30 minutes... Bacon used to take 10 mins, now it takes 20! Buying onion takes 8 hours...... Too long! Think that used to be a little less an an hour.

Btw currently on level 24 and using iOS 8.1

kooky panda
11-13-14, 09:24 AM
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