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11-11-14, 12:24 PM
How do I transfer from old phone to new one?

11-11-14, 01:26 PM
Email teamlava support

11-11-14, 01:33 PM
Please use our login feature (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?59955-iOS-New-Login-feature-in-Restaurant-Story!-%28login-applies-to-all-games%29) to recover your account. If you did not have a Storm8 ID and password, please write to support@teamlava.com and a support agent will assist you with the transfer. Thanks!

11-11-14, 01:42 PM
It's a new phone though... So...

Shouldn't you tell the OP to email support whether or not he/she has a storm8id and not merely use the log in feature? You know... New phone and all...and not wanting account to remain on old phone in case there are gems to be stolen or account invaded and stuff like that?

11-11-14, 02:39 PM
I do have account . My phone is Samsung s5. Help me please. Getting withdrawal symptoms from not playing! !

11-11-14, 02:47 PM
Please write to support@teamlava.com if you have not already. Thanks!