View Full Version : game feature suggestions

11-10-14, 08:46 PM
It would be great to have a feature in FS2 that allowed us to see how many of each item we have on hand, when we are creating goods. For example; I tap on the kitchen and when the items I can make appear, each one would have a little number above it to show that I had 3 stew, 2 baked potatoes etc already in my barn. This feature is available in Restaurant Story 2 and can be turned on or off in that game, I think it would be great in FS2. Also a notification that someone posted on our wall would be great too! It would be nice if we could put the pet houses into storage. 

11-16-14, 03:13 AM
I agree with the idea that knowing how much of each item you have without having to look in the barn or silo would be helpful.
I also agree with a notification that someone has posted on our wall. I played for months not even knowing that I had a wall!