View Full Version : Answered Not getting credited coins for goals and rewards!

11-07-14, 08:11 PM
:( What is going on? I finished a goal and was supposed to get 10,000 coins but nothing changed and right after, I won a trophy award for 10,000 as well, still didnt credit me and this has been going on since I started this game yesterday. Very inconvenient considering this is a new game and I cant even earn enough to cook with! Also, I sat there and watched my coin count go backwards as well! Please advise. Thanks

11-09-14, 07:03 PM
U might want to send an email to Support@teamlava.com .
B sure to include ur bakery's name, stormid, game version UR playing and the type of device ur playing on.
U might also try uninstalling and reinstalling UR game. Don't worry about losing anything since everything's stored on TL's servers.
Good luck!

11-11-14, 04:43 PM
Sorry to hear that. As Elaine mentioned, please contact support@teamlava.com and provide your Storm8 ID and information on which Goal you completed so a Support Agent can investigate your account.