View Full Version : Holiday Versions Of All Games

11-06-14, 06:31 PM
Hi everyone,
How is everyone doing?
I am having a terrible time with so many things causing stress in life.
Not sure if all the changes and things added and deleted is causing some confusion.

Looks like maybe not understanding some things, accounts.
I have seen this about transferring accounts, I thought the temporary Account would not work?
Now it looks like possibly they said about logging out of the Kindles and resetting things.
The whole Internet and yes email everything is used on other devices.

The Kindles were purchased from my Mom's Amazon account, and was returned, yes was returned so shows up in the list.
Started playing Bakery Story the Halloween Version on more than 1 Kindle.
I could not log off since the thing just went off due to not being able to charge the battery, so everything still setup on it, and don't know what happens when Amazon gets it back.
If they turn it on, when it is returned, and start doing things, not sure what would happen.

I am using my iPad, and I keep seeing things about the Halloween versions and Christmas Versions of BS.
I have Bubble Mania Seasons and keeps saying about that not being supported.
I also notice it talks about iPhone 5, which my Mom uses an iPhone, an iPad, a Computer which she purchased the Kindles using her Amazon account.

So, not sure if something thinks she is the owner or something of the Games?
Since one time some place else that me and my Mom have accounts at use our home phone number to verify the accounts, and put something on the wrong account one time. Which of course, since we live together we didn't mind, just pay each other back.