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11-06-14, 04:01 PM
Summary: While playing level 36 (not for the first time), the level stopped working and froze after the countdown timer finished.
Support ID: 29K9EWQ
Device: iPhone 4s
Device OS: iOS 8.1

I was playing level 36, which is a timed game and requires clearing 9 levels of rocks.
With between 5-10 seconds remaining, I scored some lucky combo that seemed to wipe out the lower half of the board and more. After the board was refilled, the board did not shift downward to reveal more layers of rock. I was able to swap jewels for the remaining seconds of the game, but a series of 3+ jewels would not clear.
Note the groups of green jewels on the screenshot below. Also note that some jewels did not finish swapping positions.
After the time ran out, the game did not exit to the score screen or lobby. See screenshot--it stayed that way for 10 minutes.
After approximately 10 minutes, some jewel sequences were combined, the score was updated, and the empty tiles were filled with new jewels; but the game remained frozen. See second screenshot.
After another 10 minutes I forced the program to close.

Additional details:
Music continued to play.
I did not use any boosts.
Abnormal conditions: for the first time ever, I selected a bomb boost before beginning the level. I did not use it, though.
No apparent loss of connection

Screenshot (frozen initially): http://imgur.com/1XBmDlk
Screenshot (game continued for a couple seconds and then froze again here): http://imgur.com/LPVENGz

11-07-14, 03:23 PM
I'm sorry to hear about this issue! We took a look at this level on a similar device and didn't experience any issues. Please try closing any open background apps on your device, as this may help improve your game's performance. Please also make sure to close the app on your device when you are done playing, so that the game will re-load when you resume playing. :)