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11-06-14, 03:55 PM
I put a lot of detail below for tech support in case it is helpful. Others can just ignore unless you want a big yawn :) I noticed that some families will revert to 2 parents only; some 2 parent only will not allow breeding.

Android 4.2.1 (uptodate for my device); Zoo Story 2 downloaded from Play Store. ID EmmaSurf. I've been playing other TeamLava games for a long time but just downloaded ZS2 less than a week ago. I don't have all details of the failure because I didn't realize it until today. But here is what I've found so far. All the below are around the same time frame (noticed late yesterday/today).
1. Hippo family completed, but the goal "Lil Zookeeper 2" stayed as outstanding for the "Breed 1 hippo". Figured it might sync up so waited til today. The image in the zoo screen showed 4 hippos and clicking on it showed "upgrade" not "breed", so appeared that family was complete. Now it shows as 2 parents, 0 children, and in collections it shows as 2/4 under Friendly Giants. Not a big deal, today I was able to re-breed so hope when that completes, the goal will complete.
2. Mammoth family showed as 4; the goal "Family Love Pt. 2" however, shows "breed a baby mammoth 0/1". So yesterday I tried several times to re-breed but I couldn't because the system thought I already had 4 mammoths. This afternoon, I finally put the family into storage, thinking that perhaps that would reset the goal to acknowledge the mammoth baby. However, when I returned it from storage, it was only 2 mammoth parents, and it now has the "breed" icon not "upgrade" icon when I click on it. So I don't mind spending the time and money to re-breed the 2 children now that it will let me, but I can't figure out why it is happening, and I hope it doesn't continue.
3. When I went to Nursery, clicked on that icon, and got the filmstrip listing of animals that could breed, it only showed bear, lion, (sorry I don't recall the rest but it was only 4 total). However, I have 22 animal groups in my zoo, and there were many many that still needed breeding. They did not show in the list. Even more confusing is that I already had a completed bear family and a completed lion family (as well as others) but the bear and lion were showing now as ready to breed. I shut down, cleared cache, restarted, and now the bear and lion only showed parents. Later today, without doing any other changes to my device, the lion and bears were correctly showing 4 in each family. (BTW when I say "complete" I'm not differenting between upgrade and complete, just that there are 4 animals in the group.)

Thoughts -

I did move the plots around on the zoo several times. That shouldn't be an issue, but I list it as environmental in case it does.
I bred a kangaroo, and after it completed, that is when the lion/bear issue cleared up. Whether that had anything to do with resetting the breeding history or calculations, I don't know.
Q Was it a glitch that the mammoths showed 4 and after storing and retrieving it was 2? Or is it expected behavior to lose children when storing animals?
I did purchase several other animals during this time, but none of them required construction, so didn't seem to cause/correct the above issues when I added them to the zoo.
I expanded zoo 2 times, but the timeframe for completion didn't seem to affect the above issues.
This may be a difference in ZS2 from other TL games, but usually when I complete a goal I see a popup. I don't see one every time, just some times. When I completed, "Can You Breed It?" it just disappeared from the goal list, but I didn't get a popup "goal completed". So I don't know if I got the reward or not. Again it's not a huge amount so I'm reporting in case it's relevant.
I only got an out-of-sync once and not during the middle of these issues.
I had completed the goals "Bear Hugs" (3 bears to complete), Missing Penguuns Part 1 (4 lions to complete). So it is odd that both of these animal groups switched back to 2 parents only. I don't see any way to remove a baby once it is part of the family.
I know that in other TL graphical games, sometimes screens don't redraw properly if the graphics memory is taxed on the device. However, in those cases, the actual inventory doesn't change, the picture just isn't fully showing. In this case, the actual inventory and related info balloons also changed (ie 4 lions from "upgrade" balloon to 2 lions with "breed" balloon.)
Koala family had 4. I did notice late yesterday that it looked like it was only 2 not 4, but at the time I assumed the picture hadn't redrawn properly. Because I wasn't aware of the above issues, I didn't click on the koalas. Therefore, I don't know if that was the same issue as above, or just a graphic memory issue.
I have some famlies that are still in Upgrade status, and some that are Completed. It doesn't seem that designation affected the above behavior. (Lions were Complete, Bears Upgrade, etc. and both exhibited the same issue.
Since this is a new install, I haven't gone thru multiple updates in ZS2 code, nor is my zoo large or intricate, so that should rule out some of the graphic issues that can arise when a 'fancy' zoo is run on a lower end device.
In Android settings/Display/Fonts are set to Large. I don't think that is relevant, but it is the only nondefault setting. Usually if that affects a program, the fonts will overlap. In this case it's not font related but... Also 1280x800 fairly decent display and can even run a large dragon story (which is baseline for me since it is the most demanding of the TL games IMHO.)
I don't think this happened at midnight, but just in case - is there a witching hour that would be better to avoid if maintenance/updates/etc might be pushed out during that time? I'm PST and usually active middle of the night. Would rather know to avoid any potential issues)

Hope this info can help. I am mainly concerned that it is not a recurring issue. It's easy to correct the problems now, but when I get more expensive animals, I'd hate to have to recreate.

11-06-14, 04:30 PM
Update to my earlier post. At that time, hippos were back to 2 parents 0 children. I put the hippos into breed (2 hrs) so they are still breeding at 4:10pm. However, the hippo family also shows as 4 hippos with "upgrade" not "breed" balloon when I click on it. I then went to the nursery and the hippo was still there with the timer working. At 4:15pm the hippo family still shows as intact (4), the nursery has a baby hippo with "tap to place". (I have a good screenshot that captures both the family showing "upgrade" and the nursery opened showing the baby hippo "tap to place" all at the same time. Clicking on the "tap to place" didn't either close the window, cause an error, etc. Closed the window; closed zs2; reopened zs2 (w/o clearing cache, restarting device, etc.) Got the usual nbr requests etc. Then the nursery still had the caption "Your baby is ready". The hippos were back to 2. Lil Zookeeper goal has 0/1 for finish breeding 1 hippo. The only major steps taken in this time period was starting an expansion, and getting a new goal "Penny's Doubts" and completing it (and I did get the normal reward completed popup this time). This goal required visiting lots of other zoos so my zoo screen refreshed many many times (not sure if that is relevant but did potentially clear the graphic cache in the program). I tapped on the nursery, placed the 1 baby hippo with the parents, got the Reward popup for Lil Zookeeper Pt2 (normal behavior).

11-06-14, 05:26 PM
We're sorry to hear about this! Your game has (2) Mammoths currently and storing animals should not change their amount. Only unfinished animal families, less than 4 animals in the family, should show as available to breed in the Nursery. If you completed a goal, you receive the rewards automatically and the goal will disappear from the clipboard.

It seems that you have encountered a Sync error, where your progress reverted to a past saved point. You will need to perform the goal task one more time for it to register. If you are having display issues like this, we recommend that you force-close the game, uninstall the game, check for a stable internet connection, and reinstall the game. This should refresh your game's progress.