View Full Version : Main Idea Suggestions

11-05-14, 12:27 PM
Here are some ideas I've thought of since playing this game.
1) Some of us like to play through all of the recipes on the different makers. Not only is the indicator gray on gray, which is difficult to see most of the time (unlike bakery story, orange on gray), which I wish would change. I wish there was a way to enable for recipes to disappear when reached the max level or at least pushed to the back of the queue.
2)I wish there were more goals to choose from, also I wish if we chose to opt out of the goals we could delete them from our queue.
3) The hearts we earn from every satisfied customer doesn't seem like it's being utilized enough to me. I think it would be fun that if the hearts hit zero, the restaurant would get "closed". Of course, we would want it to be easy to "reopen" by getting your neighbors to agree to sign a petition.
Please make these options available since they would make gameplay more organized and fun.