View Full Version : Answered Hangs during game...

11-05-14, 06:16 AM
...at a Hidden Object scene in Diagnosis Terminal case. I'm on iPhone 4S, iOS 8.1

I was at about 16 seconds left when the game hangs. I closed the app and relaunched, and my energy was deducted even though the game didn't finish. Tried another one with the same scene and the same problem happened. I restarted again and the problems were gone.

I think it doesn't sound like much of a problem but still...it's not pleasant to have your energy deducted when the app had to be relaunched and the previous game was not finished.

11-05-14, 01:35 PM
Sorry to hear that nancydrew88. I recommend that you close any additional running applications to assist with memory on your device, since TeamLava games require a reasonable amount of memory to run smoothly. Closing the game while a Case is in progress will cause you to lose your progress in that Case and expend the Energy used. Hope this helps!