View Full Version : Suggestion: Themes & Design

11-02-14, 01:55 AM
This is a big ask but would be really cool to have, would it be possible to have changeable Farm themes? Such as night mode or winter mode for examples?
So for night mode the player has the choice to set this mode, if they so wish, to display a night theme with moon stars and a moon glow lit farm. Thus other players will know that that player is in a part of the world where it is night at present. Hearts can be illuminated so visitors/neighbours can see them.
Winter mode can be a snow covered field with snow on tree tops and on buildings. This would be good over winter. I realise you already have that theme which is used over the holidays but it would be could if it was a permanent, changeable feature.

Or how about grass/field patches of different colors and textures which could be purchased and placed around the farm to suit the buildings etc in a particular section of your farm?
Having played We Rule and We Farm back in the day, having the ability to change ground coverings made things look quite different and unique.