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10-29-14, 04:39 AM
Dear Support Team!

I need your help in the following matter.

About 3 days ago I've re-decorated my bakery. I caught a picture, I was going to contact Sehana to present my bakery for her site's weekly update. So, 26th of October it was looking like this:


I made slight changes for the floor during these 3 days and shifted bonsais... but whatever.

I'm from Ukraine and my time is UTC+2. Yesterday evening around 9pm, I put a food on ovens for preparation for 8 and 9 hrs respectively:
- 10 Coffee Machines (appliances from this September quest)
- 8 Parfait Potion Stands (from this October quest)

I came again in half an hour / one our, as I'm usually doing in bakery and restaurant before going to sleep. I saw some empty spaces instead of decor but I didn't pay attention because sometimes the game is slow and doesn't load all decor in one go even when I'm visiting neighbors, so I didn't wait for upload and went to sleep.

But this morning I came to serve my food and found the same holes in decor.
I started to check, and found that some pieces apparently stored (including several counters with thousands servings of food), and some pieces of decor are totally gone.

This is how it looks now:


Of course I've just changed my password at least to try to avoid future hacking.

Of course I understand that you cannot bring me back all tons of food from stored counters...

But nevertheless many items are just gone (sold?). Some of them are expensive, others - just priceless, coz they are not accessible anymore (prizes for previous quests).

That's why I am asking you to return the following items:

Wall decorations:
1) 3x3 prize for last year's Halloween quest (I don't know its name coz I don't see it in storage, it's 3 ghosts eating violet cake on a spider table. It was on top of bakery)
2) Natasha's Cauldron (it was also part of last year's Halloween quest, it was placed nearby Ghosts and Spider Chef)
3) Mini Dragon Baker (he was a hostess in a right block of bakery)
4) Autumn Lamp (it was in a right corner of bakery between Barrel of Apples and Maple Bonsai Tree)

5) 1 Mummy Table (was on top of bakery nearby gone ghosts and Natasha)
6) 3 Pumpkin Tables (were in right block of bakery)
7) 1 usual Cash Register from right block, where dragon baker was.

8) 1 Mummy Chair (top of bakery)
9) 1 Web Chair (right block)

10) 1 Parfait Potion Stand

You can enter my account and check the storage comparing to initial screen. I'm leaving it as it is and won't touch anything until we solve this problem.
If you need more evidences, I can ask for it several neighbors who we play the game already over a year together with, and who have seen what I had and how it looked lately.

I understand that I am 40yrs old aunty and it looks funny. But believe me I'm not having fun at all. I never played games. I got my tablet in July 2013. Since then I'm playing only your games (bakery, restaurant, fashion, dragons, monsters, farm. And farm story 2 since it appeared for android).
I didn't miss any single quest during this time.
I was looking for every available oldest version to get design removed from market.
I actively bought gems for real money last year to buy all these beautiful things...
I'm deadly upset over what happened!

So I'm asking for your help to get my stuff back.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks a lot in advance!

kooky panda
10-29-14, 07:54 AM
I am sorry this happened!

Try exiting the game and also clear your cache to see if the items show up. (then check your inventory for the items)

If not, you will need to send an email with all this information to support@teamlava.com so a support agent can check your game.