View Full Version : Sync issues

10-29-14, 12:50 AM
Just whining. Used an alicorn so I could clear some items and the sync knight galloped in and the energy disappeared and no reset on the Alicorn. So out 40 energies! Sucks.

10-29-14, 12:56 AM
Ok this is weird. When I went back to the game just now I used the last energy I had, the sync knigh galloped again and everything reset back to before I used the Alicorn. So alls good.

10-29-14, 08:02 AM
Phew... That's good

10-29-14, 11:48 AM
When I have some critical task to do (pet an alicorn) I ensure I have a solid WiFi coonnection. I have so often synch issues that I need to do things 4x times.

10-29-14, 01:07 PM
I've noticed some weird syncing issues too. I had a dire boar in my kingdom. I'd done a couple of things before he turned up then killed the boar then did a few more other things then the sync issue occurred. Reset to before the dire boar but still had the tusks etc in my inventory. The dire boar hadn't reappeared.

10-29-14, 10:39 PM
I had a similar issue with a skunkupine. I collected from farmhouses, then corn. Skunkpine was defeated, then glitch to before farmhouse. Skunkpine did not show up again, but tail was still there. I remember this because I was needing the fur and didn't get it.