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10-28-14, 02:40 AM
How many gifts should we receive in a day?ive noticed that some of my neighbors can't send me a gift because I'm maxed or full...if ur allowing to have 50 neighbors why not all of them can't send me a gift.?

10-28-14, 03:18 AM
That would be nice.... the max amount of gifts anyone can accept is 20 gifts per day. You can receive Tips from all your Nbrs. And you can gift all your Nbrs.

10-28-14, 07:18 PM
Ur allowed 20 gifts but ur also allowed to receive 20 "requested" gifts. The "requested" gifts R those that u send out for parts when building appliances. For example ur building an appliance that needs 20 screws...u send out requests to 30 of ur nbrs and then all 30 send them ull only receive the first 20 sent to U. U might receive the last 10 the next day.
I hope that helps to answer ur question.

12-11-14, 09:32 AM
I think that if you're allowed to accept 2000 neighbors, you should be able to accept many more gifts as well as gift many more. I'm not saying that the limit should be 2000 because that is ridiculous, but 20 is such a low number when you're looking for parts and food gifts.

12-11-14, 10:43 AM
The received gift limit - only accept the gifts you really want - especially important right now when we have a new goal
out & we are all trying to build appliances.

This is why so many players are a bit "strict" about what gifts they want.

If we were allowed to accept more than 20 per day - we would have 2000 of each part in 6 months of game play.
There would be a huge decrease in gift giving if we all could stock up that much in that amount of time- especially since
that's more than we really need.

02-13-15, 09:14 PM
Does anyone else have issues with receiving gifts after declining some? I'll go through my list of gifts in the news feed, count them (there are usually 20), decline the ones I don't care for, supposedly opening up those slots for additional gifts...yet neighbors claim I'm still maxed on gifts. Am I missing something? Is there a maximum number of gifts you can decline?

02-13-15, 09:34 PM
If you decline gifts, you are supposed to be able to receive replacements. However, it doesn't always recognize that your gift has been declined. This has been an issue for years, brought up over and over, and it's not going to get fixed.

Wait for the start up screens to end. Then accept gifts. Then visit a neighbor so the server gets updated. Then decline gifts. Then visit a neighbor so the server gets updated. Now you have a better chance of getting all 20.