View Full Version : Answered Social rating stuck

10-22-14, 09:31 PM
I'm using version - android 4.4.2 on samsung galaxy 4
Few weeks ago I noticed I wasn't able to get all 4 of the eggs for my social rating. No matter if I visited and played with 100 or 10 dragons, it stays at 3 eggs and the bar at the bottom stays around the second egg but never passes.
I've rebooted my phone, deleted and reinstalled the game but still nothing. I waited to see if maybe it was a bug being fixed with the Halloween dragons coming out.

Next problem I have is I can not see my cosmic dragon I just hatched or the habitat all the time. It will appear but then gone again. I've seen people say the cosmic dragon is expired and no longer able to be bred, could that be why?

Any ideas?

10-23-14, 06:34 PM
Sorry to hear that burntcritters. To explain the Social Rating, you will need to interact with many Dragons in order to progress in your Social Rating Bar. Your account does not seem to be encountering any issues with progressing. With viewing the Cosmic Dragon, you may need to close additional running applications to ensure the entire game loads smoothly on your device. Doing so will assist with avoiding any issues with loading the game on your device. Hope this helps!

10-23-14, 09:34 PM
Ty for the response. I understand the way ratings work.. I kept my rating at 4 most of the time. it was just till here recently it stopped working. Even the bar under the eggs that moves to show progression or regression. It's always at three eggs and the progression bar right under the second egg. I guess I can not log in for a week and see if it will clear to zero but even after 24 hours it didn't move.