View Full Version : limited items only random?

10-22-14, 02:10 AM
Why not make the limited items that drop randomly for sale?

For example: we're having the Halloween event now. The Trick or Treat Adventure can give boxes. I read about a scarecrow and hayride: items we can't buy and I assume will no longer be available after the event (assuming ths adventures disappears then).

I've send out my knights 3 times a day, but didn't get any boxes so far.
It's not very encouraging hoping every time while doing nothing else but making (towards) candy corn.

When a random item is unlimited available I don't mind waiting (okay, can be annoying if the waiting takes very very long, but there's always the possibility it will drop eventually).
But what if I don't get any box during this whole event? Even more so for players who can send out only once or twice a day? Missed out on some nice stuff...

Please, give us the choice between waiting for a box or buying!

10-31-14, 04:14 AM
I agree! The Spooky Scarecrow and the Hayride would also be great random drops from Ancient Vaults and Bandits Adventures! That way the chance to get them would still be there after the Halloween Event!:)

11-01-14, 03:48 PM
I agree with you ! I love to have Haywagon, but I don't have it . I send my knights over 30 times . This quest is time limited . If I can't get them , I want to buy or get them by other way .