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01-30-11, 04:21 AM
Resturant story is far behind tiny chef which is an ipod app which doesn't ask for gems to get extras in the resturant, making the resturant look good is part of playing but speaking for most we are not prepared to spend money on the app. Why can't options and extra's just come with the game without having to buy gems which I personally will not do. an idea for the creator go play tiny chef on ipod and you will understand. It will just get to a stage no one is going to continue playing without extras good game but gets hell boring waiting a day or two or three just to expand or buy furniture.

01-30-11, 12:20 PM
Actually, Tiny Chef DOES charge you if you want more benefits. They have something called "Chef Bucks" instead of "gems". The prices on these chef bucks are as listed:

20 Chef Bucks: $0.99
65 Chef Bucks: $2.99
110 Chef Bucks: $4.99
220 Chef Bucks: $6.99
450 Chef Bucks: $13.99
1150 Chef Bucks: $34.99
2400 Chef Bucks: $69.99

Yeah, these chef bucks might appear cheaper but you have to spend more on the chef buck items. For example, their version of the "valentines box" is 99 chef bucks. That is just pretty much the same as being charged 24 gems for a valentines box in Teamlava games.

01-31-11, 04:03 PM
Actually it's worse in Tiny Chef. They just updated with social aspects so you can tip and view neighboring restaurants but I'd say approximately 40% of the recipes in Tiny Chef you need chef bucks to prepare. There are also "Academy" recipes that are on rotation and you must learn by cooking it a certain number of times to add it to your cookbook.

You get a recipe star for leveling up a recipe up to level 3. Why people would cook a cash recipe to get stars is beyond me. I think it'd cost like 10 bucks to get 3 stars on some of them.

They are really very similar games, but I like Restaurant story better. I am further along in Tiny Chef though where it's simply more of a chore to play than RS.