View Full Version : My iOS twitch stream

10-19-14, 03:26 PM
I recently decided to start a stream (http://www.twitch.tv/zippythecellist/profile) on twitch. For now, I'm mostly streaming teamlava games. I usually stream on Fridays after I get out of class, and on weekends when I don't have any classes. After I figure out how to scale the screen broadcast size so my macbook DOESN'T run at 85c during the stream, I'll be streaming more often. :p

edit: Now that I figured out how to make my macbook run better while streaming, I'm going to have my first broadcast this friday starting between 6-7 PM PST. It will probably be at least an hour or so since the main event of the stream is decorating my bakery on BS for halloween...and hopefully tears of joy when I FINALLY breed a crystal unicorn on fantasy forest. :P

10-23-14, 04:44 PM
FYI, my broadcast tomorrow is going to be starting at around 6-7PM PST. I forgot about extra things I had to do at school when I posted that other time. Hopefully you guys get to see the best video game reaction ever when I totally get lucky enough to breed that crystal unicorn during the stream! :P

Just wanted to edit this post to let anyone who is interested know that my stream is starting now! The link is in my first post.