View Full Version : Build time on Event Prize Habitat

10-19-14, 07:01 AM
According to folks who know how to read the game data on an online encyclopedia-type site, the Haunted Hollow habitat that is the second Trick or Treat world event prize is not actually a prize you can place in your kingdom. AFAIK, in EVERY other TL game with a world event, when you win a prize you get to actually PLACE your prize - it is actually USABLE once you've done all the hard work of winning it. According to the data, in this game, in this case, suddenly we do not actually get to use the prize we win - we have to take SIXTEEN HOURS to build it. PLEASE tell us that is an error that will be corrected before we achieve that goal. We already feel like the guinea pigs in a "How many times can we make everything take 3x or 8x or 180x (literally, in the case of the panda fail when trying for an emerald, literally 180x) longer before we break our players and they leave". PLEASE don't add another needless 16 hours to what is supposed to be a PRIZE for all our efforts.

So, will the Haunted Hollow, once "received", actually take 16 hours to actually use after placing it?

10-20-14, 10:13 AM
Knock, knock. Anybody home? Will our prize habitat require 16 hours to build, or will it actually be a prize we can place and use right away as it is in DS?

11-07-14, 09:57 PM
I think this has been changed. YAY! I placed it and used it without waiting.