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10-18-14, 08:07 AM
Personally Halloween is my favourite holiday. I love the colours black, orange, purple and green with a dab of red. Harvest style decorations break up the more ghoulish scenes. I like the concept of the veils between the living and the dead being thin enough to bring our late loved ones closer than any other time. This is part of my Mexican heritage as well as beliefs steeped in Druidic lore which is my Scottish heritage. (yep my mum is Mexican and my Da was Scottish) Pumpkin spice fills the air. These are the things that fill me with joy! But I feel a bit stressed this year. Halloween and all of the traditions are still in place. The thing that is slowly maddening me is that I really like TeamLava games. So you may ask why that is a challenge to my mental space? Here is why: I currently play Castle, Fantasy Forest, Farm 2 and Dragon Stories and they all have world events or collection events going on all at once. I am wildly bouncing from game to game snapping up candy corn, and other assorted candies, pumpkins and Witch's Brew (mine is better 😋 ). If you visit my farm, forest, Kingdom or island and see me babbling to myself, just ignore it, I will be better come November. In the meantime, have a happy healthy Halloween, everyone! I am off to collect something or other. 😆

10-18-14, 08:12 AM
Lol Perry! Good luck! Sounds like you'll need a vacation after Halloween! ;)

10-18-14, 09:04 AM
Look at the bright side you will have a month to recover before any Thanksgiving activities head your way and a whole 2 months to get ready for Christmas....

10-28-14, 08:13 PM
. . . . Almost Halloween! Running about like a Bedlamite has had mixed results. I have been the most successful with Castle Story because I can create 10 Candy Corn every 30 min. plus all the other resources. I need less than 100 and I will be finished with my personal goals. Fantasy Forest Story is not too bad. I am just a bit below the rest of the known world. The community is further along than I am and I am playing as much as I can. Dragon Story, I seem to be WAY behind the rest of the community, but I am brewing as fast as I can! Farm Story 2 has dismal results. It is not the best mission I have done. One candy released per day, but tied to a machine, fishing, deliveries. It is challenging to find the perfect orders that use the proper machines that give a VERY random drop. I have the cauldron to create candies but it uses the few candies you have to create the candies you do not have. I feel muddled just trying to explain it. The available prizes for the collections are random as well, meaning that you will get about a bzillion Witch Shoe decorations or Pumpkin Stack decorations before getting something special. I will be stopping my attempt to do the Halloween mission since I know my luck with compound randomness is zilch. I fell so disappointed since some of the prizes look cool. :(

P.S. After I collect my last personal prize can I still contribute to the community? My daughter is among those that are running behind the community average.

Does anyone know if new areas will be available for Castle Story anytime soon? I really have no room. Please, please, please give us some wide open spaces!

kooky panda
10-29-14, 09:21 AM
(merging your two similar threads together)

I answer to your questions:

Yes, please continue collecting to help the community win all the community prizes!

Expands are planned for the future, but there has been no release date announced yet.

10-29-14, 12:28 PM
Kooky, thank you for the info! I am more than happy to continue to search for candy corn, I love the candy! My kitchens are cranking the candy out as fast as it can. Would love to keep Halloween all year 'round. ��

11-02-14, 11:21 PM
Dangerously close to the end of the event, I would like to share what I have experienced. I will go from my most disappointing to the most favourable.

FARM STORY2: Collecting and/or creating candies. For me this was a total bust. To get one if the complete sets of candy you had to wait all ten days to unlock each type. After I bought the cauldron I could make candies, but had to deplete the stored ones I had as new candies were created from the candies that were collected previously ie. candy 2 was made from Candy 1, candy 3 was made from candy 2, etc.. What a pain in the garbanzo beans! When I finally collected a full set, I turn it in for something great right? Yup cute witchy boot planter. Farm, farm, farm, collect another set. oh. Another boot planter. Underwhelmed. Third set you guessed it, another boot planter. One boot planter might be considered worth the effort, but by the third one, I was over it. Quit trying. Really do not like randomly random drops. Next up Fantasy Forest Story. This is a personal goal and community goal situation. Growing crops and breeding creatures gave you a pumpkin/hour. So if you grow Spell Melons you got 5 pumpkins at harvest. The mine randomly dropped pumpkins and cauldrons dropped pumpkins again at the rate of a pumpkin/hour. There were 2 tourneys and for each successful battle, you got 2 pumpkins. I am finding it difficult to collect enough pumpkins. Since I have a special needs daughter, I cannot be on my tablet 24/7. I do manage to play quite a bit in the wee hours as I am an insomniac. I am hoping I manage to collect the last two personal prizes and the last of the community prizes, but I do not think it will happen for me. 3rd up is Dragon Story. Another personal /community gathering type of quest. Same way to gather as Fantasy Forest Story with the 1 Witch's Brew for each hour of crops or hatching. Added is the ability to "Quest" for Witch's Brew. 4 hour quest for 4 Witch's Brew, so it makes it a bit easier. Also having 2 Hatching Stands means I can grab additional Brew. Yesterday I realised I could buy eggs to cover times where I only had one egg to hatch. Buying an egg that took the difference of time between hatching one egg and the amount of time to finish breeding a new egg. I feel I may have the chance of collecting all of the prizes, but it will be very close. Lastly is my favourite contest, Castle Story! Like the above 2, it is a personal/community quest. This one is very different, though. I feel that I have much more control in this one. There is a Hall that drops Candy Corn. Again a cauldron dropping Candy Corn. Harvesting corn has random Candy Corn drops. Visiting the houses of the lovely friends that wander your kingdom nets Candy Corn. You can send your Knights out on an adventure Trick-or-Treating (We are never too old for Halloween!). And BEST of all, you can make Candy Corn at the rate of 5 Candy Corn (corn and sugar) in 30 minutes per kitchen. I had tons of sugar from my Reindeer Stable, but lately I have had 1 kitchen producing sugar whilst the other produced Candy Corn. I was WAY far along on this quest. I was working on my 4th personal prize before receiving my first community prize. I have continued hunting Candy Corn since completing my personal prizes so everyone has the chance to collect all of the community prizes. Needless to say I find the Castle Story quest was the best. It put me in charge of my prize collecting, giving me several opportunities to collect Candy Corn so that the hours I could play were sufficient if I was mindful of how I was playing. I really wish the other games had the same opportunities. Things like a second hatchery or even getting rewarded for breeding and evolving hours would have helped greatly. I just wanted to share my thoughts on how the three games had the same basic principles, but little things made a HUGE impact. I do not think most of the quests were bad (Farm Story 2 was totally a blowout for me). I did enjoy them and look forward to the upcoming holiday themed quests! Now it is time to make the rounds again. Happy playing everyone!

11-03-14, 01:15 AM
[QUOTE=Perry9877;994449]Dangerously close to the end of the event, I would like to share what I have experienced. I will go from my most disappointing to the most favourable.

Castle Story was my favourite too! I finished the goals, got all the individual prizes, kept going to help get the community prizes. It rocked!

I am finding the other ones not as fun. Not really into the battling but have all but the last prize in each and am getting the community prizes too.

Farm story 2: huge number of items to collect for goals. Annoying drops. Many duplicate prizes. Got the hotdog finally but no graveyard or skins. Not going to finish as no picks and shovels for mining and getting the iron and not enough anchovy.

All my games are acting up now. Send gifts and they do not disappear. Multiple gifts received from certain people all within a few minutes. Not even the same gift. Crazy.

kooky panda
11-03-14, 09:58 AM
Guys please keep your comments to the Fantasy Forest game. There are other forums you can discuss the other Team Lava game.


11-03-14, 08:40 PM
Hey Kooky! Is there a forum that covers several different games at the same time? I did not want to chop it into smaller particles since contrast between the 4 games mentioned was the point of the post. I wanted to see if others had similar experiences or even a better way of collecting the needed articles. Sorry.

kooky panda
11-04-14, 10:18 AM
We no longer have a general discussion forum. (for all games)

I can move this to the off topic forum if you want to discuss all the games.

Send me a PM if you want me to move the thread.

11-06-14, 09:18 PM
Halloween and the associated quests are complete. Just a quick recap. Fantasy Forest Story is the game I currently spend the most time on, but it was also the one I was furthest from finishing. I was able to achieve all of the community prizes, but it was really, really close. I received the prize less than an hour before the event ended. I was wondering if the community would pull it off. Has there ever been an event where the community could not meet the quota? I was 102 pumpkins away from the Vampire Cat. I smartened out a bit and during the looooong breeding time I purchased an egg that could hatch for the latter part of the breed if I had a quick hatch followed by a long breed. Still struggled for that Vampy Cat. Since I had purchased gems for the Scarecrow before I realised time would run out on the chance to buy it, I had gems on hand. I paid a few gems to get the Vampy Cat, but the Skeletal Dragon would have been an additional 900 gems and I could not see using that many gems for a creature. Hopefully at some point these lovely Halloween creatures will make it back in a special purchase package. Basically the same deal with Dragon Story, luckily I have 2 nests and got Witch's Brew points by keeping them both filled. Even so, I had to pay for the fourth prize and passed up buying the Fifth prize. Community prizes were all obtained. I finished the Castle Story Event in a surprisingly fast finish. I managed to rack up an additional +/- 1,200 points to help everyone get some really great gifts from the community. I think I am going to try to concentrate on the FFS and DS games more next time around. My only suggestion for TL would be to allow breeding time to be included in the Eventas well as the hatching time. I was happy to have this opportunity to do all of the Events simultaneously. Oh and Farm Story 2 did not try any more collecting candies after spinning my wheels so much
I would love to hear other's experiences.