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10-18-14, 01:33 AM
Firstly, I am not a Restaurant Story 1 player, I tried it for maybe a day, so I won't be comparing them both.

Currently, I am just level 12, about 2 or 3 days in. I feel that the blueprint and wood simply takes too long to acquire when you require them so much early on.

I understand that there is a chance to get it from the customers' tips, but it is very rare. While you require players to be frustrated enough to buy gems, you are making it too frustrating that players would simply give up on the game because it takes way too long to advance.

Your entire game revolves around construction materials, even if I wanted to pay, I realize that it would only advance me just a little bit, it just isn't worth it.

The ingredient shops are flawed or intendedly weird, it isn't time efficient to get mixed ingredients and it is frustrating. Ingredients should have their own timer. So getting 4 eggs would take 1 egg x 4 duration. 2 eggs, 2 toast would take 2 egg x 2 duration, 2 toast x 2 duration.

Some ingredients also have ridiculous timings, for example, meat takes 1 hour to acquire, while hamburger cooks in 4 minutes, that dish is instantly ruled out, it isn't self sustainable and there is no benefit in using that dish. This isn't the only dish of course.

There is just no point for a variety of dishes, players will just use whichever dish is sustainable or provides the most coin per minute when ready.

I also noticed that the waiters are acting weird as well, the customer isn't served by the closest free waiter. I believe it chooses at random, how is it my restaurant if my waiters aren't doing what I expect them to do?

The water cart also adds unnecessary depth to the game, but required to maximize coins. Frustrating to play.

What is the point of having so many tables and chairs when it just isn't possible to fill up because the rate of customers is limited?

Just some of my thoughts, especially when you are trying to convince players from the prequel to move on, this probably just isn't a better game as of now for them to desire to.

10-22-14, 03:47 PM
The wood should take two hours to manufacture, five hours is way too long!

10-22-14, 10:40 PM
I agree with just about everything here. They have lowered the coin amount for the dishes again and I'm bored. Having stupid seemingly beginner goals won't add new fun to the game. They should have removed the need to buy separate stoves and ovens, and just added new dishes and ways to gain parts. Let us ask our neighbors for Pete's sake!

The coin, time and amount needed for upgrades does not make ordering parts worth anything. So I stopped worrying about do many things. One more mishap and I'm deleting it. I'll check in a few months later, IF the game is still up and running and decide to give it a try again.

01-03-15, 02:49 AM
The wood should take two hours to manufacture, five hours is way too long!

I totally agree with everyone's comments. I am so frustrated with this game. 4 hours to cook a potato! Just one potato. 12 hours to get enough potato to make a stew!! You can't block the door to build up food like you can in the original. It costs SO much to learn recipes that expansion is so slow. I eventually got the parts to build the street market to discover it takes a whole day until the market is ready! To me, the best thing is to delete this game and concentrate on RS1, Bakery and Wonderland. Good luck to those who choose to continue in RS2, I hope your patience is rewarded x

01-05-15, 06:49 AM
The pantry storage mixed with the tools storage is rather stupid, you constantly out of storage space. Once I got the diamonds, that's it, no more patient for this game. It's even more stupid than the Restaurant Story.