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10-17-14, 06:55 AM
How do I put items in storage

10-17-14, 06:17 PM
Storing items is quite easy.
1 Make sure ur in the Design Tab.
2. Click on item u want to store.
3. 3 choices will appear to the right Rotate, a Store and Sell
4. Click on Store and ur item will go into storage.
U r only able to store 1 item at a time.
For every appliance u store it opens up 1 appliance slot for another appliance. U can't store unbuilt appliances and u can't store food.
If u want to store a counter, it needs to b empty or ull lose the food on it.
If u want to store wallwapaper or floor tiles the only way to do this is by covering them up w different wallpaper or floor tiles.u can't have bare floors or blank walls.

I hope this helps.