View Full Version : Epic Sloth Art - Missing Again

10-14-14, 08:48 PM
Hello, following the most recent update through iTunes, the Sloth is not displaying art for its epic stage anymore. He is back to looking level 10-14, despite being level 15. The pic below shows the pumpkin from the most recent update.



10-15-14, 03:43 PM
Please try reinstalling the game and check your Ancient Sloth again. He should have a gem on his forehead. Reinstalling the game won't cause you to lose progress in the game. Please let us know if you're still seeing this issue. Thanks!

10-17-14, 11:04 AM
Oh, the new epic sloth art is much more attractive IMO, thanks! Never understood why cyan was added to colors it didn't really go with to make the epic art. The white and pale sparkly shades added to the new epic sloth are perfect IMO!

10-18-14, 03:40 PM
Fixed!! The reinstall helped! Thanks! What a wonderful surprise to see the new epic art for several creatures! Fabulous!!