View Full Version : Invisible barrier.

10-14-14, 07:32 PM
I would love to see an invisible barrier available for when I want to stop customers visiting parts of the restaurant. I sometimes set it up so that I sell food more quickly but at the moment there is no way to stop the bots wandering everywhere without plonking an eyesore in the middle of nowhere, lol!!

10-14-14, 08:47 PM
Try blocking an area with a table or 2. I've done that in the past.

10-14-14, 09:32 PM
I've done it in the past too but as I said it looks a bit ridiculous because of the way it is plonked in the middle of nowhere.

10-15-14, 04:00 PM
The bots only wander everywhere if uve got tables and chairs all over the place. I control my bots by only having chairs at tables located near my doors. My place is fully expanded and I don't want that to happen either.

10-15-14, 09:02 PM
I'm not having tables without chairs, that looks silly IMO. I have different themes in different areas - have been fully expanded for nearly 2 years. I've always thought it would be good to buy an invisible barrier and thought I'd make the suggestion. If you don't agree feel free to go to the next topic :)

10-16-14, 01:25 PM
The archway with the vines is a good barrier. The bots can't walk through it, it totally blocks them.

10-16-14, 10:25 PM
I have them elsewhere - not interested in having a random one stuck in the middle of the floor. That's why I suggested an invisible barrier ;)