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10-13-14, 08:45 PM
Hi everyone,
Earlier, I put one of the counters in a different place, and when I came back,
it was moved back to the place it was before.

Do I somehow have another account that I don't know about?
Someone was somehow able to cancel our whole Internet service recently
and do not know who. Just said the account was cancelled when we called or maybe trying to somehow connect to the Internet Service we were using temporarily, while we were still paying for two services so we don't need to change much and keep the same email address, and now are back home and not using Mediacom anymore. They did give us an email address we were not even aware of that one at all, found out when we called.
I did start the Halloween version of Bakery Story on 2 Kindles, and I use an iPad now and did not transfer that version. With RS, it seemed to just change the numbers. Not sure if the Kindles are still somehow functioning in anyways, since the battery ran out on them, the charger doesn't fit in, so can't charge them.


10-14-14, 10:50 AM
It sounds like you encountered a Sync error, where your progress was reverted to a previous save. Please check that you have a stable internet connection when playing this game. It's also possible your progress was not saved if you exited the game immediately after making a change. We recommend that you visit a Neighbor before exiting the game to save your progress.

10-14-14, 09:15 PM
Could this be why we sometimes get requests and other things you got from someone? Maybe somehow connecting to some other account?
When we had the Internet cancelled, is maybe trying to connect to whoever was able to cancel it, or trying to
somehow send it to the Kindle?
Yes, I seem to be connected to the Internet.

Thanks for all the help,