View Full Version : Desperate to finish Level 117

10-11-14, 02:46 PM
Any advice on this level? I've been on it for days. I don't purchase gems, and so I don't have any boosts unless I get some through challenges, but those are few and far between.

The only way I seem to get anywhere on this level is by waiting for the right board to come up, that allows me to eliminate the doom pastries right away, or before they explode, but that's not easy.


10-13-14, 05:47 PM

Level 117 was a little challenging for me too! Try to focus on the Doom Pastries right at the start, ignoring how much of each pastry you need to collect, clock is ticking! Work on clearing those Jelly Donuts right away to get the doom pastries out of the way. Once they are gone, you can focus on collecting the order. Make sure you try and leave any Squirrel up that can eat one of the doom pastries as it will eliminate both the doom pastry and the squirrel.

10-19-14, 07:30 AM
Thanks, that's seems to work. Getting the occasional scoop and blast also helps, but that doesn't always happen.