View Full Version : Open Issue Level 244 buggy?

10-10-14, 12:42 PM

When I played Level 244 a couple of times, the board displayed as a solid mass of those ice cube crystals, with only 1 or 2 candies, the message displayed was No More Matches, then the game just quit. This has happened when I have only one or two energy lives left.

When I have 2 -5 lives, the game plays just fine.

Since I don't buy more lives and I don't want to purchase gems either, is this a common bug in this levvel of is it a new one?

[S8] Walt
10-10-14, 03:18 PM
Thanks for letting us know, we will look into this.

[S8] Walt
10-10-14, 05:54 PM
We've identified the issue and will be working on a fix for this. In the meantime, you should not have this issue if you use the Halloween version of Candy Blast Mania. Thanks again for letting us know!

10-11-14, 02:43 PM
Thanks for your reply. I was able to advance to Level 245 anyway, and I'm using the Halloween version now.