View Full Version : Growing Faeriebulb Seeds

10-04-14, 04:15 PM
This craft has popped up in my green house recipe list but I have no clue as to why, is it because the faerie respite has just been completed? I don't have a quest asking me to do it. Any ideas?

10-04-14, 04:28 PM
As far as I can tell, it's just something to do with faeriebulb seeds when your inventory is nearing full of them and you have nothing of import to craft in your greenhouses. You get a couple little things and sometimes a little energy from it.

FYI - faeriebulb seeds max out at 50 not 99.

10-04-14, 05:46 PM
Save the fertilizer!....no really, you will need it.
There is not a quest associated w it.
Growing them for a minor gift is a waste of fertilizer.....just stay maxed on the poo:)

10-04-14, 05:59 PM
A compromise is let the seeds get up to high 40s, then grow some. You can still stay fairly well maxed on fertilizer. Depends on your style of play. I do it as I dislike collecting from somewhere and getting the black flag. A minor advantage is that if you get glimmerbulbs, even if you are maxed on them, you can keep one. I was up to 105 before the last set of quests.

10-04-14, 07:03 PM
.just stay maxed on the poo:)

This is now my favorite post ever on this forum. Hooray for constipated inventories! LMFAO!

Anyway, I did this craft a number of times before I started needing my poo. It is not required for the Greselda questline until part 5 step 5 and in that step you have to actually gather new fertilizer. I actually had to grow faeriebulb seeds expressly so that I was no longer constipated lol and had room to gather new poo.

For the Agens / Blythewood Sapling questline, which is triggered by finishing Greselda's home and visiting it twice, then nearly completing adamant alchemy, you have until after you finally gather enough dragon scales and manticore whiskers to complete a bunch of mythic essences before you start needing fertilizer.

So all in all, spending a few fertilizer here and there before those 2 points won't hurt. And as I mentioned, I actually NEEDED to plant these to be able to gather the new poo required for the Greselda questline. Because until that point I was maxed on fertilizer for like 4 months. Ouch! lol.

10-05-14, 06:25 AM
Yes until the summer gazebo I was constantly maxed on poo. I hate that black max sign so I gave the thing a go and got cabbages and something else can't remember what now. What other random things can I expect from this anything that we would plant or other items?