View Full Version : New Suggestions For Next Update

09-29-14, 08:35 AM
Hey there
I have been pretty keen on an interesting and massive update for the game. Although it mimics most restaurant qualities as a game but I still believe there is always room for improvement.

The game should feel like a restaurant business with 5 star ratings and
Customizable music selection, and maybe a few animation tweaks.

I used to play a very similar game on Facebook which used to have waiters, tables would be cleared by the waiters and only then will a new customer be able to take the seat. This might be flawed seeing many users have a large amount of tables and users will requires my waiters. The issue of developing lag is also present.

I believe the nightclub story had the ability to play a personal soundtrack and this was an amazing feature and I strongly believe it would be a great bonus for the game as it will add character to peoples restaurants. (Also the default tune is very boring if not annoying)

I like the tipping for stars ranging from level 1-4 but I think community members should have the ability to rate the restaurant from 1-5 stars. I think this will boost the creative activity amongst the restaurant story community members.

Well that's it hope you take these into consideration :)