View Full Version : Coin sale why not for everyone?

09-29-14, 01:06 AM

My mom, me and my dad all play slots.
I have a on going sale of ?17,99 for 50.000 coins, my dad also.
I also buyed the coins the day before yesterday.

But my mom not, she paid ?44,99 for 20.000 coins the day before yesterday

Why doesn't she have the sale? We feel a bit angry because now she paid so much for the coins instead of the current sale prices that me and my dad both have. She now paid sooo much for so less coins.

How come?

[S8] Elsa
09-29-14, 10:56 AM
Sales are randomly offered. Sorry to hear that she doesn't have a sale at this time. We can't speculate on if sales will be available in the future, but we'll share your feedback with the team.

09-29-14, 11:11 AM
Oh okay, i thought it was because of the vip status I had, but then my dad got the same sale amd he didn't had any coins ar that moment.

It is still ashame that my mom needed to pay so much to play :( she also purchased the 5,000 for 17,99 with the hope tjat she could play for a while. Those coinse where gone too soon rn then she bought the big pack.

She isn't going to buy more coins for this price.

Thanks for answering.