View Full Version : Questions for staff!

09-28-14, 11:51 PM
I've asked these questions in a thread in Suggestions & Feedback, but as it is not answered (yet?!) I'll ask them here again, because for lots of players this is a Big Issue:


- what happened to the animations? (a not-burning bonfire? The pyrefly in the cage is asleep? in coma? A freezed waterfall?) Will they back in future?

- will we get more buildings/deco in green slime, or will future ones be (finally) without?

- will detail be coming back to stay? (personally I think the faerie workshop and bridge are a good start, but will this continue and develop?)

- what's going on with the rate? Some items ar way too large, some way too small! Why?

09-29-14, 11:37 AM
Thanks for your interest in animated items. As for the green floor under some buildings, the developers are already aware of this feedback. We haven't made any changes to the art style, but have forwarded this feedback to the development team! :)

10-15-14, 11:39 AM
Is this going to be released on android. I love your games and even more that I can play across devices but I can't play it on my phone which makes it hard to play on the go when my only other access is an ipad..... :{