View Full Version : There are too many sticky posts in there discussion thread.

09-26-14, 05:49 PM
Perhaps all of the new animal posts could be combined into one post titled "latest animals". That way we wouldn't have to scroll halfway down the page to find new threads, and newer threads would spend longer on the front oage oage before being pushed to the second page.

kooky panda
09-26-14, 06:03 PM
New sub forums are being worked on (Like in Dragon Story). :)

Once the new forums are up, I will move some of the older update threads over and do some unsticking!

09-26-14, 06:27 PM
Excellent, thanks so much for letting us know :)

12-03-14, 12:38 PM
This is relevant to my interests.

Can the stickies be cleaned up, please? It's no longer black friday. Cold turkey is no longer available. Etc. I would personally suggest the most recent two animals (or maybe most recent two + the current arena, or whatever). Anyone who really wants to discuss an earlier animal can just scroll down and find it. Instead of everyone else having to scroll down to find any other topic.

Thanks! :)