View Full Version : Please explain the fortune teller tent?

09-26-14, 10:33 AM
I own the fortune teller tent but it's kinda lame. However people say they use it to max out items. How? As far as I could tell the fortune only works once.

For example I had a fortune that if I hit an old log I would get a glimmer shards. However it only worked once or twice. How do you guys keep it working?

09-26-14, 10:36 AM
I believe the idea is chop twice not three times then sell after the second chop buy another log etc etc. The glitch only works if you do not chop a third time. That's only if you get to that fortune.

kooky panda
09-26-14, 11:30 AM
Each fortune only works once. You can see the lists of fortunes here. (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?67739-Castle-Story-04-17-2014-Update-Fortune-Teller-Quests)