View Full Version : Answered Unintentional Purchase :( HELP!

09-25-14, 04:50 PM
Hello all,

I was redecorating my bakery just a few minutes ago and my finger accidentally brushed the design tab and opened the camping crate! I got the Camping Backpack (4th place), but this is something I neither want nor need. With Black Friday coming up and removed items potentially coming back for purchase, I was trying to save my gems for things I would have liked to have. I know from prior experience that selling gem items gives only a few coins; is there any way I can get my gems back? :( Please help!

Thank you!

09-25-14, 05:04 PM
Sorry to hear about that! Could you contact support@teamlava.com so that an agent can assist you? :)

09-25-14, 07:23 PM
Email sent. Thank you very much! :)